the story of moo and the magpie

Founded in 2015 by Janice Kalsi, Moo and the Magpie has grown into a unique destination for those seeking a curated mix of found object art, mixed media, gifts and home décor to reflect a more individual personal style.

Janice Kalsi

Creative Director, artist, crafter and collector of all things vintage. Moo and the Magpie is my love of all things artsy and allows me to be an art student again. It also allows me to work collaboratively with other creatives and encourage the dormant artist in others to come out to play.


There is definitely a ‘Moo and the Magpie’ look. Dolls and dead things, salvaged and found objects topped off with a bit of sparkle! We are passionate about rescuing and reclaiming forgotten treasures and we draw a lot of inspiration from old myths, fairy tales and legends. Consequently there is often a nostalgic aspect to our work.


There are some very talented makers I have the pleasure of representing. From wonderful, vintage pieces of mixed media collages to dark steampunk, assemblage art and delightfully sparkly repurposed objects. They all come together to create the Moo and the Magpie mix.

What our Customers Say

Thank you to #mooandthemagpie for making such beautiful pieces of truly individual art with my old treasure.- Kala Kilshaw
Omg that is stunning! Thank you so much 😍 I love it x - Kerry Sexton
We now have this #beautiful piece of work down at @indelibleinkgosport, made by the lovely @mooandthemagpie - it’s amazing in this picture and it’s even more amazing in person 😉 thanks chick!- Gez from Indelible Ink